if only i were cool...

8:45 PM

I have recently read two blogs of girls I know (Liz & Susan) and they both had links and talked about this event called alt. Well, I was curious so I went to the site and found an array of hip bloggers and fashion forward Utahs. I was very impressed as I browsed the various people's blogs and websites, then I got a tinge of sadness and thought, I am so not cool enough (at this time in my chaotic life) to attend such a fun exhibition. None the less it looks like a blast!

Maybe next year? I am grateful though to find some more blogs full of design ideas and projects! :)

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  1. Brooke don't feel bad, you are cooler than me. I say you be the designer and I will be baker and we can start some sort of cool business that involves both. Hmmmmmm????

  2. Like it, we'll call it simpley tackey...;) the combination of our styles. Hee-hee