the "January Blues"

10:41 AM

So a lady I know wrote a fabulous blog about the January blues and all I have to say is"ditto" to everything she said about this grey dreary month. I NEED the sun to shine soon, very soon. I too have no energy or motivation to do all my many wife/motherly chores. My husband seems concerned (promise, I'm just fine honey) it's just this season.

So I have decided to deal with it with good music and a little sarcasm...I love all of these prints from Anne Taintor. Even if you are in denial that being a house wife is hard, you can't help but laugh at one of the captions.

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  1. AMEN sista! We must suffer from S.A.D. disorder!!!

    Those are hilarious. :)

  2. Yes, I had no idea it had a name! My name is Brooke Bartholomew and I suffer from SAD...well, that is a self diagnosis! But I think I need some sort of "retail" therapy...think Steve would fall for it?

  3. HA! I love it!!! I worked at a tanning salon through high school and that was the remedy for some sufferers, but I think I like retail a little better...

  4. So basically if you see me in 3 weeks with leathery tanned skin, you'll know why. ;) hee-hee