10:09 PM

Sometimes for no good reason at all Madeline will start to cry, I ask her what is wrong and she says that she misses her "auntsisters", I realize of course she means ancestors and tell it is okay we will see them again in Heaven. Well, this week she cried real tears for grandpa Don. Max and Madeline just adored him and it was very hard to see how sad they were to realize he was gone.

This is a picture of my Grandpa Don (my Father's dad) taken almost 3 years ago when Quentin & Christie were married. Max was 3 and Maddie was about 9 months. I loved the way grandpa treated my children. He was always so happy to see them and I could see how proud he was of his great grandchildren. He never played favorites, his love for them was sincere.

He passed away last week and I have to say it was a very peaceful funeral. I looked around at the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren he has left behind here on earth and can't help but imagine how incredibly proud he must be. As we drove away from the dedication of the grave, Madeline just kept saying over and over again, "I don't want gwanpa to be bewied, I miss him". I know he loved me, my husband and children and can only hope to live a life blessed with such a great family.

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  1. Thanks for sharing a piece of the day with me. I feel so awful I couldn't be there. I know Don understands, but it's hard not to be there to support your Dad and the rest of the family. Those pictures are so nice.

  2. Brookie that was such a cute post. What is up with your children and them loving their ancestors? I think it is prescious and love it. Like Christie, I am sorry I missed the funeral. Love you sister....face to face (hee hee, inside joke).

  3. I know I wish BOTH of you were there. :) But oh well, it was a very peaceful day. As strange as it seems it just felt right. :) xoxox