Melly & Me

7:52 AM

I love this purse. It's handmade but looks a little different from the typical handmade bag or purse. This is from Melly & Me, they make wonderful things and sell their patterns for around $12. I have a couple of their patterns for stuffed animals, but I have yet to find the time to sit down and try to make them. I am relatively new to patterns and I often find myself improvising and then the design doesn't look quite as I planned.

PS!!! They are having a drawing for this purse on their website (the link is above in red). Just leave a comment about this design and you could possibly win this exact one!

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  1. Very presh. I love it. I am in need of a nice and cute purse. That knock of $25 one is not cutting it!

  2. I know, those darn knock offs! I remember I got a knock off Gucci in DC and it lasted about 2 months before it broke!