The Pottery Barn Couch

4:10 PM

I love nothing more than a comfortable couch, a couch that looks like you could fall asleep reading a good book on it. We have some big couches (my husband is a tall guy) but they have more of a Bavarian French look with wood and brown fabric. The below couches are much different than the ones I have, but one day I want a bright room to put one (any one) of the couches below in.

These couches look so comfy and the pops of color through fabric, plants, pictures and the occasional wall color are very appealing.

The room above looks like a place you could just sit and read a good book. Below is a little more formal but still beautiful.

I love the hanging lanterns, painted wall paneling along with the natural wood and subtle blue color below. Very pretty.

I am sucker for the pretty light blue and coral combination below.

I love the bold oranges above and below.

The wall color below with the red and bright white looks so crisp and clean.

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