front doors part 2...

11:00 PM

There are so many beautiful and inspiring doors and entry ways that I had to post more. The doors below have bold accents of color and texture with plants, flowers, foliage and wreaths.

The contrast in styles of the doors above and below are so different yet equally beautiful and inviting.

I just found how I want to decorate my front porch next Christmas. The bright green accents above are so striking.

Once again, an a-typical door color that looks just perfect. The blue is a beautiful shade and I especially love the red rocking chair to the corner for another burst of color.

Love the bright white trim above and how it just bursts against the gray/blue color of the house.

The Americana style front door above is so welcoming with it's American flag, rustic wood door and bright yellow flowers. If I walked inside I would image french country decor with lots of old wood grain furniture.

The doors and entry ways above and below are so elegant. These are the style of doors that I would choose for my dream home.

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