Dutch inspired Delft, blue & white - PART 1

12:13 PM

When my family lived in Paris, France from 1993-1996 we visited many picturesque places. During Holidays or school vacations we often visited different countries. One of my favorite cities during these small trips was Delft, Holland.

The below church is located in the center of the city Delft, and I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to watch a wedding party exit this beautiful church.

Delft is full of history, culture and architecture. After visiting here you can't help but look at architecture differently. Such words as "modern", "streamline" and "simple" melt away into the intricate intrinsic beauty of churches, homes and city building dating back 100's of years.

Delft is also known for its fine porcelain. Traditional Delft porcelain is blue and white. The designs are intricate and often feature sea side themes such as ships, fish and fisherman. The most common image I saw being printed on plates and other porcelain ware were windmills.

Below is a picture taken in a shop in Holland that sells Delft porcelain.

Below are antique Delft tiles...wouldn't these be amazing to own? All the wonderful ways they could be used.... placed as wall decor, used in a bathroom or around an old fireplace.

If you have porcelain that is blue and white and wonder if it is Delft, all you need to do is look on the back. All of Delft porcelain is marked on the back. Example below.

Above are gorgeous fabric with the traditional Delft blue hues. Below is a plate I bought in a shop in the center of Delft, Holland when I was 17 years old. I choose to not go with the traditional blue and white... but the windmill theme and intricate design is still very traditional. It currently hangs in my kitchen.

Below is the back of the plate.

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