A front door...

6:32 PM

...says so much. There is nothing more inviting than a beautiful front door and aesthetically pleasing entry way.

The best thing about a front door is that you do not have to have a lot of money or be building your dream home in order to create an appealing entry way to your home. With some paint, plants, affordable hardware, light fixtures and elbow grease anyone can make their front door ooze with character and class.

I love finding doors with bold colors that enhance and elevate their surroundings. There are 'tried and true' front door colors such as white, black, red and green. I recently painted our front door green. But I love it when someone uses a very a-typical color for their front door like yellow or the minty blue color shown above.

These European front doors are amazing and I would probably give my right arm to live in any one of them...seriously, any offers?

I love the pop of red. Not only is the door red but they added red light fixtures and pots. Just looking at this front door makes me want to take a peek inside and look at how wonderfully the rest of the house is decorated.

Simplicity goes a long way. The clean earthy colors above make me think that when you walk in the door someone would hand you some hot cocoa and fluffy goose down slippers.

When, (and I say "when" in order to throw out those positive vibes to the universe) I build my dream home I think I would chose a gorgeous thick, tall solid wood door instead of a painted one. But the wonderful thing is that no matter where we go we can always buy a can of paint and create character with whatever door we have.

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