Gorsuch = "old money" fashion...

11:11 PM

Gorsuch is one of my most favorite clothing catalogs I get in the mail. I cannot afford one thing in it (maybe a pair of socks for $30) but I still can't help falling in love with it's simplicity and absolute class. This is what I imagine "old money" wearing. ;)

I love the nautical inspired line out this Spring with it's navy blue, white, brass accents and stripes. The above outfit would run you about $1,400. To me when I think of sophisticated class I think of the outfit above.

The above shirt is a mere $388. But I love the clean lines, light fabric and big button accents.

The "Emma" outfit above would run you a cool $2,300 for the pants, white tunic, sweater and scarf. But I have to say it is understated and elegant.

The white looks so crisp and clean against the camel color belt and navy blue cardigan ($998).

One of my favorite things about the Gorsuch catalog are their absolutely stunning blazers and jackets (I am going to do a separate post on those). I am in-love with the white "Annie" linen jacket above ($1,198). There is something so beautiful about its simplicity.

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