Blue & White, w/a splash of color - PART 3

12:36 PM

The blue & yellow room.

Below are rooms that are decorated in this very traditional color duo. Although there are some unconventional ways of doing so. Most of the sofa's and chairs are white, but I think you could switch any of the white sofa sets for a deep blue one and it would look just as good.

Above has a more coastal feel with the pillows and wall art. But I like how they added 2 shades of blue with yellow and they all work well together.

I really like the more muted yellow used above. The great thing about this look is that you could get an older table from the DI or thrift store and paint it this cool yellow. I also love the yellow hounds tooth pillow in the back. So cute.

I think the yellow lamp shades are darling, but a bit daring for me to ever use. I do like the idea of the bright yellow accents used here. (above room by Tom Stringer)

I love the mix of the blue, yellow, off white and natural wood tones above in the coffee table and woven baskets.

The blue & green room

I love the greens above and below added to the blue. You could easily add a blue or beige sofa set and it would look great.

The green chairs below are darling, I love them with the striped pillows.

Green pillows below, I had to add them. I think these splashes of lime green would look great against blue.

The blue and turquoise room

I like this mix of dark blue and turquoise, this is in a bedroom but I think you could have a dark blue couch and accents mixed with turquoise as well. Maybe in a vase or throw pillow, or wall art.

The blue sofa

The white piping on the couch below looks simple and clean. I think out of all the couches this is my favorite. It's elegant and functional.

Which one is your style? Every one's different, and so are each of these sofa's.

Am I weird for LOVING the couch below? So elegant, yet it seems more for show than comfort and right now in my stage of life I am looking for comfort, size and easy to clean. Love the accent chairs though.

The sofa above looks comfy and easy to clean. ;) Isn't it funny how when you have kids everything (even decorating) centers around them.

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  1. where can i find a blue and white striped rug?

  2. Hi there! Great question. The rugs I found were outdoor/indoor rugs, but would still look great in a living room. Here are some links. Please let me know if you have any trouble accessing any of these. has a very easy to use search engine. I posted a link above for their site listing a blue and white striped rug. Also, if you still want to stick with the clean look of stripes but don't mind a slight variation. You can also go with the zigzag/chevron pattern here:

    and if you want to create a stripe or zigzag pattern "on a dime" go here and see how this lady made her own! :)

    Hope this was helpful! ~Brooke

  3. hi,

    where can I find the lime green pillow with the white circles?


  4. Hi there! Thanks for your question. Here is the link where you can purchase the pillow:

    It is a bit pricey, yet here is a similar pillow for half the price:

    Hope this help! -Brooke :)