wish i could wear kid clothes...

8:42 AM

As I am Summer shopping for the kids I can't help but fall in love with some of the girl clothes. I usually buy my clothes for the kids from Gymboree or Crazy8. They are high quality clothing and if you are patient you can usually get things 70% off the original price. (the above outfit isn't marked low enough for me to buy just yet). But I love it and patiently watch the mark downs.

If I could I would wear this outfit, yes even the daisy sunglasses! :) Sooooo excited for the warm weather.

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  1. Brooke I think you should wear those daisy sunglasses. You don't have a big nelson head like me so you could probably get away with it!

  2. Ha, I'd be the envy of every 6 year old little girl... ;)

    Wouldn't that be disturbing if I tried one-upping a 6 year old? The sad thing is they'd probably win. ;)