red brick rambler love

2:29 PM

Young House Love - AFTER

I have been searching for ideas to improve our curb appeal. I have been thinking about this of course since we moved in and have lots of ideas. I found this awesome site called Young House Love. They also live in a red brick rambler and I just LOVE their style.

This site is also full of tips and tricks when it comes to revamping your home. I am in love with their backyard. This is definitely my style.
Young House Love - BEFORE

What a difference some paint, a chain saw, fertilizer, plants & flowers and a lot of TLC can do!

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  1. I love your house Brooke, it is a very cute and spacious.

  2. Young House Love? Such a cute name! Have you guys named your place yet?

  3. Funny you posted this. We too spent all of Saturday trying to fix up our front house. We even cut a tree down and pulled up shrubs. There is nothing like a nice and neat yard.

  4. Oh my goodness you and/or Roz will have to post pictures. You're house could be soooo darling, hey we both have cute ramblers!

    I haven't named our house yet but whenever something goes wrong (ie. pipes flooding) I just yell with clenched fists, "Oh Janet!". That's the name of the previous owner. ;)