trying to convince Steve....

6:30 AM

I am trying to convince Steve to let me paint similar designs on our playroom wall. Our playroom is brown with muted earth tone accents and I just think it needs something a little fun. Especially if we are going to be stuck indoors all day because Spring has decided to skip Utah this year.

These pictures are from simple shapes and pop wall, vinyl wall art companies and also very pretty, but the "painter" (if I can call myself that) in me wants to paint a tree on the wall. Nothing shocking or neon color, just a touch of 'different' and 'whimsy' in a very blah-boring room.

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  1. Yah I love the idea. A playroom should be magical and whimsy. Wish I could help!

  2. Do it! That is so cute! And paint is easy to change if you ever get sick of it. That's the perk of owning your own place!

  3. You totally need to do one- even if you have to do it while he is at work. :) hehe My sister just did a tree in her little girls room...

    So darling! She had an artist friend do the tree, but she also did an owl and to paint that, she found a picture on the internet she liked and then hooked her laptop up to a projector and put it up on the wall. It worked out really well. (Here's the whole post of the nursery if you want to see the owl...)

  4. Tell Steve to go jump in the river!!!(sorry Steve) DO IT... I thought about painting birds and bird houses on the walls in my girls room... I've just run out of funds :) Let me know if you need any help.

  5. Woo-hoo! How can I not now?! Thanks guys. MaryElla I am going to look at that blog right now! :)