Happy Easter 2010!

3:14 PM

Here are the Kiddos for our annual Easter picture. I didn't realize how well coordinated their outfits would be with the sunroom and the shades I am in the process of making for the windows! ;)

My good friend Andrea made the darling yellow broach for Mimi to coordinate with her brother's yellow attire, she also made a darling hair clip which I am going to post on here as well. The hair clip Mimi is wearing in this picture was made by sweet Aunt Libby!

Well, Happy Easter!

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  2. Brooke! Your kids are so cute... I had to comment... just so you know- I read your blog entries every time you update!! We never came up to sled- maybe we can in the next week if this snow doesn't stop!!! AHHHH!! This is extra tough for the California girls in us, right??

  3. Got your easter card today. So adorable. I thought about hanging it above our bed to motivate Quentin to pro-create. But then I realized how creepy and perverse that would be....

  4. No Christie, not as long as you make little blind folds to go over their eyes...then it totally wouldn't be creepy. ;)

  5. I do have the cutest grandkids on earth.
    Not to change the subject... but why aren't i under your design ideas? the purple apple is stuck way down on the friends and family list. Just woundering

  6. because you never update your site. ;) When I created that you hadn't updated your site for months. I take people off that do not update their sites regularly.

    Nothing personal mom. ;)

  7. Then you can't take any more pics of my vintage stuff...just kidding. I'm trying to do better.

  8. So CUTE!!! LOVE the Sun ROOM!! Cutie Kiddo's!!
    SO adorable!~

    I just think your amazingly Talented!!