weekend yard-work (so grateful to have yard work)

8:01 AM

We had this weird ivy patch in our front yard, I think it was intended for decoration. We dug up the ivy and will place weed barrier, bark and perennials in here.

Our goal last weekend was to get things cleaned up. We have a forest/jungle in our front yard that we tamed somewhat.

We have 20 trees, yes twenty trees in our fromt yard alone. There are about 5 varieties that my dad pruned for us. We have 6 trees in our backyard. That is after we cut down 5! But that is one thing I loved about the house, the mature trees (that are in bloom right now and very pretty).

We have ivy taking over the front yard area so my mother in law, my mom and I took out a small section near the entryway where I am going to plant perennials. We also had a big pine tree that was growing roots into our 70 year old clay plumbing pipes. My dad and and Steve's dad cut that down so hopefully that will help.

My dad pruning the trees in our yard. It kinda looks like the "grove" not to sound sacreligious, but really it does!

Here is just half of the the stuff we got rid of. We rented a uhaul truck today to take it to the dump.

Now it's time to plant and landscape.

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  1. Holy cow! I didn't realize you guys had that many trees. Next time I need to pray, I'm coming over to use your grove....

  2. It looks SO good!!! I'm so glad you got the fence moved out too- that will be so great this summer! When are we doing BBQ? :)

  3. Brookie you have had a lot of extra hands helping you in the yard. Fun. This weekend is our yard making over. My yard needs some desperate help.

  4. Seriously!!! BBQ! Let's do ti!