homemade bacon & eggs

8:56 AM

Aren't these soooo clever? My friend and neighbor, we'll call her "MaryElla" has a son who is in Max's kindergarten class. Well, last Friday she made the sound treat (that is a treat that begins with the letter they are learning about that week). The letter the kids learned last week was E so she made these bacon & Eggs.

They were the cutest things. They are pretzels, white chocolate and yellow M&Ms. They were also quite yummy, you can never go wrong with chocolate and pretzels.

Again, so clever MaryElla!!!

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  1. I know right?! [jk] You are so sweet! (I think I ate like 10.) :)

  2. I am dying right now. These are soooo cute! What a great idea!

  3. Very cute! Why are people so creative, I guess I missed out of that gift of creativity.

  4. Yeah right Rozlynn, you are very creative my dear!