what, how, why mom????....

4:05 PM

"A University of Michigan study found that preschoolers ask info-seeking questions as 'why?'and 'how?' at the mom-boggling average rate of 76 an hour".

- Parenting Magazine

Thank you Parenting mag, this statement is one of the many reasons why my brain feels tired at the end of the day yet I feel like I slowly grow dumber....

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  1. this picture of Henry is so adorable! Love the glasses.

  2. My answer: Why do YOU think? I don't even have to listen to the question/answer AND I'm encouraging creativity, right?

    (And I wonder why Noah is CRAZY!)

  3. Ha! Love it MaryElla, I am totally going to use that...we love Noah. That is why he is a "funny guy" (Max's words) ;) Max says he always makes him laugh.