quick & cheap kitchen make-over

3:40 PM

We moved into a 1940's house and even though they have updated it since then it still looks dated. All the brass and gold'ish accents were driving me crazy. I didn't want to buy new hardware just yet so I decided to buy a $7 can of "oil rubbed bronze" spray paint at Home depot.

Most of the handles came off with a screw driver. For those I just lined them up in the garage on a piece of ply wood and spray painted them there.

Above is a picture of the handles I couldn't get off...I'd have to take off the cabinet to do it so I just used painters tape and tapes every little edge.

Now my kitchen looks like it has new fixtures. All for $7! Woo-hoo!

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  1. Wow, thank goodness for people like you, who have brains to come up with stuff like this. Looks amazing.

  2. That is genius. Looks so great!