your color personality

11:10 PM

I found this fun quiz via how about orange? via REAL SIMPLE. Go here and take the quiz and find out what color you are. :)

I took it and I am an Earth Personality, which means I am loyal, honest, steadfast yet also self-conscious, reserved and stand-offish. I don't know if those things are completely true but there are definitely elements of those traits in my personality.

The crazy thing is that when we bought our house, I painted the kitchen toasted nutmeg which is very similar to the terracotta color from above, our Living Room "Ash" similar to colors above, our Office " Slate" similar to colors above and our Dining Room "Spanish Moss" similar to the green from above. Hmmm???? I guess this test knows what it's talking about!

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  1. mine was Fire Red i dont think mine fits ma as good as yours

  2. Fire red hugh? Libby, there is a whole side of you I have yet to discover!!! :)