Halloween drink labels & edible postcards

10:41 PM

This last weekend we went to my cute nephew's 1st birthday party. He was lucky enough to be born in Oct. and so it was a Halloween themed party. My brother-in-law works in a restaurant and brought home a bunch of empty wine bottles, which were washed and filled with differnet colored fruit punch. My mother-in-law then bought these fun Martha Stewart Halloween Beverage Labels at Michaels and put them on the front.

My mother-in-law (I swear she is Martha) showed me these wafer papers she bought here from fancy flours. They are pictures of victorian Halloween postcards printed on edible wafer paper with edible ink that you put on frosted sugar cookies!!!

I first saw these about a year ago when my sis-in-law Christie showed them to my sister and I. Genius!

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  1. Those bottle covers are genius! (And you don't have to lie and pretend you washed all the wine out...) jk

  2. well, between you and me that fruit punch did have a kick to it...wink-wink