Fall in Utah, actually in our front yard!

9:05 AM

This is the ivy "forest" in our front yard. I was shocked the first time I noticed that the ivy was changing color. ? I am still befuddled by it. Growing up in the Bay Area California we didn't really experience Fall like you do here in Utah. Where I grew up, there was mostly evergreens so even though I have been here in Utah for over 10 years I am still awe struck by Fall here.

The part where we cleared the front yard for Perennials is the perfect spot for a spooky graveyard. My mother in law bought me this beautiful bird bath and together while looking through Halloween Decorating magazines came up with the pumpkin bird bath.

Of course, I had to put the crows out. ;) And can you believe my potted flowers by the porch are blooming still...no, flourishing!?

Here are some berries in our backyard, I have no idea what they are. But no joke, they are fluorescent red and purple....I am amazed that this color exists in nature.

Last but not least we have a bazillion grapes. Delicious, juicy grapes. I need to go pick them today. And below is our window flower basket I added leaves and pumpkins to.

Happy Fall to one and all!
(I totally did not mean for that to rhyme)

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  1. Looks great. How fun to have a yard. I am jealous! I love the pumpkins in your flower boxes. Great idea!

  2. I love the graveyard! And I looooove all of the fall colors- I didn't know ivy changed colors either! It's gorgeous!

  3. Thanks MaryElla, I am bringing you guys over some plums AND grapes!