Butterbeer Recipe...

10:48 PM

Since the first Harry Potter movie my husband (who is a big-time foodie) has wished that butter beer existed. He loves finding places that brew root beer and so butter beer would be the perfect Fall version of that for him.

Well, tonight my husband's dream came true. We found a recipe for butter beer online and made it! It is delicious. A mix between root beer and eggnog. Below is the recipe.

Cold Butter Beer:

1/4 c heavy whipping cream
1 tbsp. powdered sugar
12 oz. cream soda
1 tsp. vanilla butter and nut flavoring (found at Smith's)

Using a whisk, whip cream and sugar in bowl until very soft peaks form.

Add soda to mug and gently stir in flavoring. Spoon a layer of whipped cream on top of soda.
Serve immediately.

(I sprinkled nutmeg on top just cause it looked nice)

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  1. Ooooo- we have a halloween party we are going to this weekend- I'm taking this!!!

  2. Mmmmm this sounds so good! I'm planning to make it on halloween night. Thanks Brooke!