12:27 AM

Here are some pictures taken of the 3 houses we went trick-or-treating at in our neighborhood before it rained so hard we were forced to turn in early.

Despite the rain it was quite picturesque, when the sun was setting it gave a gorgeous golden glow on the tree lined streets.

This particular neighborhood is in the historic district of Kaysville. The house below is amazing. It was on the market at the same time as ours almost a year ago. We looked at it yet we wouldn't have any $$$ to restore it to it's "proper" beauty.

We spoke to the owners today who said that they would be happy to give us a tour of all their renovations whenever we got the chance. I am going to take them up on that offer soon!

I can't help it, it is in my blood...but if I had the choice I would purchase an old home and renovate it before I would build a new one. Anyone else out there with me?

Max, ninja
Mimi, vampire/spider/Dracula princess
Henry, a cute chubby pumpkin

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  1. Send me some pics of their costumes. I was thinking about my babies all halloween and tried to call. Love Halloweeen.

  2. ME! I'm with you on restoring homes instead of building. There are SO many great ones out there ready to be turned into something spectacular! Dan and I play a game where we walk down streets with old homes and decide what we would do to spruce them up again. :) Looks like you guys had a fun Halloween!

  3. I love it!! That is what Steve and I have done ever since we were married too!