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11:00 PM

I have a dream kitchen in my head. I have had a dream kitchen in my head ever since the age of 20 when I watched my parent's create their own dream kitchen while building their house in PC (that was 3 houses ago). Theirs had cherry wood custom cabinets, red and grey granite counters, slate floors, Wolfe appliances and a huge pantry.

The kitchen I have now is fine, I have no desire to bag on my perfectly functional clean kitchen. is a far cry from my dream kitchen. When we bought our house almost a year ago, I had every intention of upgrading it bit by bit, which we've done. First, I got rid of the 70's paper machet hanging ball-light from over the sink (sounds wayyy cooler than it was) and replaced it for $14 with a pendant light from Home Depot. Painted the walls a brick red'ish color. Got rid of the broken and stained mini blinds and replaced them with cafe curtains I made from left over fabric I had. Updated the hardware. So we're getting there.

I love all these kitchens and I have equal love for the white cabinets as I do for the wood finish. I have been considering replacing my cafe curtains with bamboo shades like the ones below...hmm. Love the blue and white, so crisp and clean. But for some reason I see Henry and Madeline smearing peanut butter & Jelly all over the bottom cabinets.

Mark my words, one day I will design my own dream kitchen with a large island in the middle, it may be when I am 40 or 80 or maybe in the millennium, but it will happen.

If you're like me and like to daydream about your dream kitchen go here and look at all the wonderful ones people have already created.

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