St. Regis, Atlanta

9:57 AM

Yesterday and today my dear husband has been on a business trip in Atlanta. And these pictures are of the Hotel he stayed at....HELLO!!! So while he was soaking in his Jacuzzi tub watching TV on the bathroom mirror, yeah, you read that right. His bathroom mirror was also a huge flat screen TV!

I was at home cleaning the kitchen and washing clothes, not soaking in a bathtub in a beautiful 5 star Hotel. ;)

But...I am soooo happy for him! I feel like I have had so many opportunities in my life to go places and stay in beautiful hotels so I am happy he is the one getting that opportunity. So no, I am not a "playa hata". True-dat!

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  1. Beautiful! This sure beats the $28/night casino I stayed at in Las Vegas for my job!

  2. I hear ya! One day Christie you and me will go to a spa and just relax for a weekend...only us girls!!!

  3. Brooke... I've got a fantastic local's rate for the St. Regis Deer Valley. Please contact me if interested!

  4. Thanks Mark! We will definitely be in contact.