projects I'm working on...

9:36 AM

Modern Fall 3-D Wreath:
found here at Tatertots & Jello. Major plus:
everything you see bellow I bought at the Dollar store!

Reversible Superman/Batman cape tutorial:
I am making this one for my friend/neighbor's son who is going into surgery at the end of the month.

Repurposing an old broken big clock:

Projects I want to work on:
fun Fall circles found here:

and these:

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  1. Brooke these all look great. I am getting so excited for fall to get here. Is Max being super man for halloween?

  2. Broooooke! I didn't realize you changed your URL! I was thinking to myself "Man, I haven't seen a post from Brooke in awhile..." then I went to your link through my blog and saw that you said you changed your address. So sorry for not checking out your site in awhile! I just thought your computer was broken! Ha. Anyway, we need to get together soon. Sorry for the novel of a comment.

  3. Brooke, where do you find the time? Love you. Tell Mimi and Max and Henry Hi from me. :)

  4. Ha! Few, I missed my comments from Christie. Dinner was fun tonight!! Let's do it again at our place this time. ;) xoxox