lavender basket

12:53 PM

For Max's school they asked for donations on items that could be auctioned off next week at Block Walk and I thought, " mom has lavender coming out of her ears why not do a lavender basket that goes to a good cause?"

My mom and I put together the basket above. It contains all her good stuff Like:

2 bundles of lavender, 1 'clean' bundle and 1 field bundle (meaning that the buds have not been removed from the bottom of the stems), 2 lavender sachets made from her vintage hankies, 1 lavender soap made for her by Spirit Goat, 1 lavender honey jar made for her by Cox's Honey, 1 bag of Grosso lavender (the fragrant kind) and 1 bag of culinary lavender.

Can you tell its lavender harvesting season? I feel like every other post is about lavender. Last year I was completely lavender'd out. I remember thinking to myself, "if I see another sprig of lavender or find another pile of buds I am going to scream!"

This year's not so bad...I enjoy creating baskets and making them look pretty so lavender and I are friends again this year.

My parents hang the bundles to dry in their cottage. They need to be placed somewhere cold and dark in order to maintain their fragrance and color. Hm, who knew?

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  1. Brookie I love these pics of lavender. It looks so cool to see them drying!

  2. Brookie I love the lavender pics. It makes mom and dad's place look like a lavender factory. And the basket is so provence!!!!

  3. Quentin says that it doesn't look like a lavendar factory, he thinks it looks more like a marjuana store house! Funny. He went up there this week and cleaned out under the cottage so eventually the cottage can be for habitation.