picking plums...oh wait, ew, not ripe!

8:50 AM

After spending quite some time picking plums from our plum trees and gathering a whole pile full we realized that they were not at all ripe. Quite tart in fact! But it was fun to be outside in our mini forest.

We have a mini forest in our front yard with about 4 or 5 Italian plum trees.

Henry was not fazed in the least by the tartness of the plums, he loved them and walked and crawled around with them in his mouth the whole time. But hey for a kid who eats dirt and sand this was probably a treat.

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  1. Oooo yum! Plums are my favorite! Give them a couple of days- I'm sure they will be great! Hmmm... I think I need 4 or 5 plum trees in my front yard...

  2. I think we are going to have a ton! So I'll bring some to you!

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  4. Ummmm so I just want to squeeze each of those babies. And I love a good fresh plum!!!