11:22 AM

When I think of cupcakes I think of lots and lots of rich and fluffy buttercream frosting. The cupcakes made with fondant look picture perfect, but to eat I would go for the rich and fluffy stuff. Above is a cupcake from the oh-so popular Sprinkles Bakery in Beverly Hills. Yes, one day I will eat a cupcake from there. My mom has, and she said they are just as good as people say.

Below are cupcakes made by my sister. She lives in Alabama now with her hubbie and made these cupcakes for "game day". Game day is the day the University of Alabama's football team plays a game. People there go all out, I can't wait for the day I can actually go to a game with them!

Don't these look amazing? And if I know my sister, these taste just as good as they look. She has posted 2 fabulous recipes on her blog for Chocolate and Vanilla cupcakes & frosting here. She also has a recipe and tutorial for how to make these cupcake letters by hand!

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  1. Thanks sister. Those pics of cupcakes you have up there are so cute and dainty. I could decorate cupcakes all day. Thanks for the shout out sis. Love you. Hope Max gets better really really soon so you can acutally get out of the house!

  2. I know Rozlynns cupcakes are great. But I think they put cocaine in "Sprinkles" addicting!

  3. Ha ha ha!! Mom, you crack me up! Like they say, ignorance is bliss, like those guys at Betty's work that always tried to get Susannah and I to eat their "homemade brownies". ;)