Am I really getting...old?

12:50 PM

I was watching a show on TV where a man told a woman that she was attractive "for her age" and the girl was 32...I am 34!? EEK!

I don't think 34 is that old, oh well...age happens to the best of us. ;) And like fine cheese or wine (from what I hear) the older and more aged, the better.

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  1. I know thinking that I am 31 years old seems so weird to me because I do not feel 31. And no you are not old, atleast not in my eyes!

  2. Thanks Rozzie, we're not that old yet? Heck, that cute grandma in that picture looks young to me! It's all int he frame of mind, right?!

  3. We're not old everyone else is just too young.

  4. Ha! I like it Camille...yes, yes...You are most certainly right my dear! :)