new color obsession!

8:10 AM

I have fallen IN LOVE with this color combination. Orange & Turquoise...perfection!

I found this via House of Turquoise, one of my most favorite decorating blogs. I think this gal has impeccable taste.

Thought of the day, something I have been thinking a lot about. Failure. My husband always tells me this when I get down or feel like we'll never get to where we want to be. He always tells me that the meaning of failure is giving up or remaining stagnant. As long as you are constantly working towards what you want you'll never fail. He's right. But sometimes it's hard to feel that way, especially when your life is pretty much not what you ever expected.

...but that is when I need to adjust my expectations and be grateful for ALL the wonderful things I do have.

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  1. I also love that color combo. I actually love the coral shade with everything. And life never seems to be what you planned, I mean I look at all I have been through and would have never thought I would have passed through that but the good news sister is that we get through it and overcome it! That is what it is all about. Love you!