what happened?

4:07 PM

As I was sitting on the bathroom floor today in my mens small t-shirt, d.i. skirt and totally crazy uncombed hair and no make up (I had just wiped Mimi's bum) I thought for a second, wasn't I once cute? Didn't I actually take time to do my hair and make-up every single day, not just if I have to go somewhere?

Yes, yes I think I did once take care of myself on a daily basis...in a memory far far away now. Then I found these pictures just to prove to myself, yes Brooke you were cute and put together! Yipee!!! Now I just have to wait about 5 years after all my babies are out and in school to get this back again. ;)

1st pic: My brother's football game at Park City High School
2nd pic: My sister in I at a restaurant in the Grand Caymans

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  1. Brookie you look gorgeous in these pics. You are still beautiful.

  2. What are you talking about? You are cute. Of course I relate to mommy frumpy moments. Ah for the days when I no longer need fat clothes, skinny clothes, and pregnant clothes.

  3. Awww thanks, I wish I believed you guys. ;) hee-hee It's all for a good cause right? Yes, yes of course!