3:17 PM

I grew up in an extremely sarcastic family, when I am in public and with friends I find my self having to constantly check my sarcasm level for fear of offending someone or making them wonder who I really am.

Anyhow, I was searching the blogging world when I came across this blog called crabmommy. She seems hilarious, here is her "manifesto":


On this website I will never:
*speak of the enchanting constant joy and transformative wonderment of motherhood
*dispense little nuggets about what my child has taught me
*tell any mom to stop and smell the diapers "because it all goes by in the blink of an eye"
*make jokes about bowel movements and baby body fluids (because it's not my thing and it can be found abundantly elsewhere)
*use the word "miracle"
*count my blessings
*chart my child's developmental milestones
*seem to be in a good or grateful mood
*be mean about my friends or family because they'll get me back

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