old home vs. new home

1:44 PM

As Steve and I delve into the housing market we are forced to ask ourselves what we really want. Personally I really want to move to DC and Steve wants to move to either Brazil or NY (either of which I am fine with too)....but if life teaches you one thing it is that you don't always get what you want. :) So we have been looking at houses up north in the Kaysville, Farmington and Fruit Heights area. We went on a drive last Sunday and fell in love with the area. It is just so green and beautiful.

So...new home in a newer area with a few fixer-uppers, less mature landscaping and not really knowing what the neighborhood will be like in 10 years...

New home kitchen
(granite, stainless steel appliances, small fixes to look more my style)

or an older home in a more established area, with beautiful trees and farther east...but, and a BIG but, most of the houses are built in the 70's and tend to be ugly and dated looking and the inside needs a major cosmetic update...
Old home kitchen
(white, white, white and oak...NOT my style but very fixable)

New home living room...
(would love it if it were hardwood flooring)

old home living room
(they did do some fix up and I love the hard wood....)

Only time will tell. We're not planning on moving tomorrow...but sooner than later with baby #3.

Or maybe, just maybe we'll hold out for DC, NY or Brazil...you never know. I certainly don't!!!

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  2. Look at how fun all this house shopping is. I want to go look with you guys. Hold off on making any decesions until I can come and look at your options. FUN!

  3. I know, what will Steve and I do once we are forced to grow up and get a mortgage! Ha!

  4. We want a house so bad too... Good luck with the search. It will be fun and scary at the same time.

    B- Love the blog... We have similar styles... We should go into business together :)

    You should checkout this blog (if you haven't already) this is one of my favorites.