actual professional pictures

8:29 PM

I am not one to take professional pictures often, mostly because I am so particular and think ('think' is the key word here) that I can do just as good of a job.  Well, it's a lot of work and unless you have a nice aunt or grandma standing behind you making the kids look at you and smile at the same time it can be an exhausting disaster... for Mother's Day this year I decided to get the kid's pictures taken by a professional.  I am not a fan of decorative backdrops and props and always go very simple and boring with the brown background.  I think the kids look adorable and I just love'em!
Look at those cheeks Max!  As a friend once said you could sprinkle some cinnamon on those cheeks  and just eat'em!!

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  1. These are the cutest kids ever. I got your cute card and pic and just so you know, I have that pic framed on my coffee table.