my mod-podge 3d Holiday wreath

11:52 PM

I made my mod-podge 3d wreath, finally! I got the idea from here. I began making one of these wreaths in Sept. of this year, but Fall passed too quickly and I never had a chance to finish it. So I decided to make one for Christmas!

I loved the wreaths my friend Liz made over at say yes to hoboken and decided that I was going to use green satin ribbon as well. The only item missing from these photos is my old, messy and trusty glue gun.

I didn't use small dowels to give the circles dimension. Instead I hot glued green beads that were different heights to the wreath, then hot glued the circles to the top of the beads.

Above is my finished product, it is cute and fun and mixes well with my more traditional Christmas decor.

Have a fab weekend! xoxoxo moi

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