totally inspired! I know my next project...

11:25 PM

A kitchen island/breakfast bar! I have been obsessing over adding a breakfast bar to our kitchen, we have the perfect spot for it. But I have been debating whether I want something that is a permanent fixture...or something that is movable?
This idea intrigued me so I searched the world wide web for some ideas. Because there are SOOOO many clever people out there and I knew I could find something and I did!!!

fabricfloozie.blogspot has inspired me to make this movable island/breakfast bar, from an old dresser none the less! Pure genius.

I also was debating whether to use butcher block (so I could use it as a cutting board as well) or match it with the other counter tops. After seeing this I think I love the butcher block that she used here.
I am thrilled about this plan and wonder if I will even be able to sleep tonight (I tend to stay awake thinking about an idea once it gets in my head). My cure for this is usually CHUCK. One of the best shows ever made. I have it in our room on dvd and turn it on and fall asleep to it.

side note: I love that she has an old white fridge with a million magnets and papers on it like I do.
Below is a picture of the old dresser she used to make her island, she got it off the side of the road...a girl after my own heart.
For more amazingly inspired home improvement and sewing projects go here to

projects I've finished that I need to post:
~I just reupholstered my dining room chairs (pictures to come) I just have to wait for a rare moment when the table isn't covered with...children, leftover food, crayons, homework, bills etc. so I can take a pretty picture of the finished project.

~I also finished 2 small diy Christmas wreaths and some super cute boy capes which I will also post soon.

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  1. Thanks, I'm excited to see if it turns out like the picture in my head. ;)