Clara's Cookies LLC...I won!!!

6:56 PM

Oh happy day! I won the Clara's Cookies giveaway hosted via love-the-day! These are pictures of the wonderfully perfect cookie designs sold here at Clara's Cookies LLC, on etsy.

I have entered many a giveaway, but this is the first time I have won. I am so excited to share these cookies with my family and friends this holiday season...oh, and my husband just told me he is excited for me to share these with him the most. ;)
I will be sure to post pics of the cookies when I receive them and I may just have to send a few to my sis Rozzie from Rozlynn's Homemade Goodness in AL. :)

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  1. those tiny little things, they're too cute to eat :)

  2. Ok I love love love these cookies! I want the cookie cutters they used to do these!

  3. I know they are just the cutest things!