our very own sugar-cookie star tree!

10:00 AM

Last night we made our Christmas Trees out of star sugar cookies. I bought my star cookie cutters at Wal-mart. I got 4 for $3. Not bad. You can also buy some online here.

You just frost and stack, so simple. I added a little round sugar cookie cut out in between each star to give it some height. (I used the top of an old gerber bottle to cut the circles out with.)

I took a bunch of pictures while in the process of making them and realized when I got to my computer that my memory card was not in it! AAA! Such a Brooke thing to do. So I just got pics of the finished product.

I am going to let them sit for a while so the frosting sinks in and makes them nice and soft and then we'll deliver them to friends and neighbors.

I love this part of the Christmas season!

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  1. Brookie these look great! I remember mom making these growing. What a cute idea!!! You are such a Martha! Love you!