silhouette pillows, first stage

11:14 PM

I started my silhouette's of the kids tonight, I am hoping to get Christmas done by the beginning of December. I took profile pics of the kids and had each photo enlarged at Costco to 8x10 prints ($4.30). I bought a craft razor knife ($2.75) and scissors and cut out the children's profile. I also bought black fabric paint($2) and a stencil sponge brush ($1).
I stenciled the silhouette image onto a very thick cream colored fabric I bought at wal-mart. I bought 1 yard for $5. 1 yard was enough to make 6 pillow fronts (I am using an alternate fabric for the back of the pillow).
Above are the silhouettes of Mimi and Henry. Max's weren't done yet. Now they are downstairs drying. I'll be sure to post more pictures as I get more stages completed.

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  1. Brooke these are so cool! I love the look. Post them when you are done with them, so I can see them!