Mimi's tree

9:42 PM

Remember this project? Well, I started and finished it months ago but finally took pictures of the finished product.

I drew and painted this tree on Mimi's wall in her bedroom. It wasn't difficult nor is the design too intricate...but I think it turned out pretty.

I used a lot of different ideas from other people's designs and put together what I liked. I wanted it look more whimsical than symmetrical.

(Mimi insisted on that "crown" hook be placed on the trunk of the tree...then she tried hanging from it and it broke, but I am too lazy to take it down and patch and paint the hole in the wall.)

It was fun putting together Mimi's room. I have a lot more pictures I need to take, but these'll do for now.

Below is a picture of Max and Mimi goofing around in Mimi's room. I find it highly ironic that we moved into a 4 bedroom home only to have all of our kids beg us to sleep in the same room together. So each night, Max sleeps on Mimi's trundle and Henry is in his crib on the other side of the room! Ha! Who says they all have to have their own room?

But I do think it is funny that there are 2 boys and 1 girl in an all pink-very feminine bedroom together.

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