first snow

11:37 PM

It snowed for the first time tonight. At 10am this morning Madeline started throwing up and hasn't stopped. Max started his bought with puking tonight at around 6pm. Steve is feeling sick, but so far Henry and I are a-ok. fingers crossed.
It has been a long day to say the least. I am washing my 5th blanket and 3rd when I walked outside I took in the beauty of first snow. It was wonderful to see snow on our grass, yes we have grass and I am still grateful for it. The seasons are so vibrant here.
As beautiful as the snow is, it marks the beginning of the sickies. But it also marks the beginning of hot coco with the kids, sledding at Happy Hallow, cookies, Christmas etc. So welcome Winter and snow, my old frien-emies.

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  1. Sorry your crew is feeling sick. I was really looking forward to seeing you guys. Rain check. Or I guess I should say Snow check. :)

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  3. I know Christie! I think we should all just go to Costa Rica and wait out Winter there!