gift wrapping...Martha does it again!

4:03 PM

I love wrapping gifts at Christmas time. I can be pretty OCD about it. My wrapping paper has to coordinate with my tree and match other wrapped gifts. If I get gifts from people that have random colored wrapping paper on it (even if it is cute) but doesn't match, the gifts go to the back of the tree.I am fully aware that this is odd behavior, but I love the look of a beautiful Christmas tree with beautifully wrapped presents underneath. I wonder what catalog living would say about that. ;) The good thing is I can totally make fun of myself for doing this.

I love Martha Stewart's creative and 'clean' ideas for wrapping gifts. Here are just a few....
For more ideas go here to Martha's site.

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  1. These look great!

  2. Thank you for stopping by Love The Day! You blog is just fabulous. What great ideas you have.