Yay! A new addition to the Bartie family!

9:10 PM

My brother & sister-in-law, Dave & Hilary just found out today they are having a baby boy!!!

In lieu of the good news I found the perfect gift for their little cowboy to be, a book called:

It was originally published in 1959 and maintains it's vintage drawings and their little boy charm. So welcome to the family our new little Bartholomew cowboy.

Much love and a WHOLE lot of kisses,
Steve Brooke Max Mimi & Henry

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  1. Oh my- that is the CUTEST little book! So adorable! I love stuff like that!

  2. So do I, I think I may just have to buy one for myself as well. I guess there are also other books by this author. :)

  3. I love that book. I remember it. That's because I'm Vintage.