Max Mimi & Henry photo

11:12 AM

Here are the kids. The files of the pictures I have are really big or I would post a bunch right now. ;).

I am excited to post this one though, I also have this in black & white which I love but I wanted to show all the colors...there are about 50 more and they are all cute...looks like I'm dedicating a whole wall to these pics. ;)

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  1. Super cute. I love Mimi's boots! You guys have the cutest picture. I think I have more pictures of your kids up than me and Quentin now!

  2. Ha! good, my evil plan is working to saturate every family member's home with pictures of my kids! ;)

    (just kidding L, I know you take everything I say seriously!)

  3. Ok this picture is to die for. Love the colors. I love my babies!