Mother's Day

12:50 PM

For Mother's Day Steve and the kids came home Saturday morning from running errands bearing gifts...I loved it all, and the peach Daisy's are just beutiful.

The most fun gift was this box of 12 assorted Dough Girl cookies, each cookie is named after a Calendar Girl and you can find the names and descriptions here. We sat and sampled each one, wow! It was a fun little culinary adventure.

Most importantly we all got to hang out this weekend together. It was fun, chaotic and relaxing. I got to see Max blush as he sang Mother's Day songs in Sacrament Meeting and got their darling crafts that they made for me in Primary. :) Max also drew me a picture yesterday for Mother's Day, it was a picture of Max and I riding dolphins through the ocean....ha! ;) love it! Thanks family! xoxox

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  1. Brooke as cheesy at it sounds, your post almost made me cry. You are so blessed with the cutest little kids in the world. Happy Mother's day to my second mom! Love you big sis!

  2. Love you too Rozzie and miss you more than you can imagine!!

  3. I am the mother to a cyst the size of an easter egg on my ovary. Does that mean I can legitimately celebrate mothers day now? :)

    Glad you had a good mothers day. Sorry we didn't get to see each other. I'll call you tonight.