last minute handmade headband...

10:39 AM

The kids took pictures yesterday. A friend of ours up the street is a photographer and he said he'd take their pics in front of this amazing barn here just down from Main Street.

So I dressed the kiddos in their picture taking garb- NOT perfectly coordinated of course...because now I know that having your kids be matchy-matchy is soooo Passé .

Anyhow, Mimi didn't have anything to put in her hair. My friend down the street makes these darling headbands, but I only had 15 minutes and thought I'd try to make my own at the last minute.

I already had this headband from years ago. I made the yo-yo flowers and fabric covered buttons, sewed the button to the flower and hot glued it to the headband. As Max would say it was "easy-peasy lemon squeazy" (I think he learned that from Noah) ;)

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  1. Ha! Noah says that all the time... I wonder who taught him? hmmmmm. Cute kids, cute pictures, cute headband! You are amazing!

  2. awww, thanks! We need to get Max and Noah together next week at my house! ;)

  3. Once again sister, you make me sick with your creativity. Very talented! Love your guts!