Fat-quarter question, answered

9:57 AM

Dearest Rozzie-Pooh,

You posed the question on my last post, "what else can you do with fat quarters?". Well, you can go HERE and see a darling bag and free pattern made with 3 fat-quarters. I would post a picture but I don't don't want to disrespect her disclaimer of no copying.

Last but not least there is a whole online store dedicated to fat-quarters. Appropriately named The Fat Quarter Shop! That is where you can find the free pattern to the above quilts, all made from fat-quarters.

OOPS, one more....Melly & Me also sell darling patterns for stuffed animas made out of fat-quarters (for the most part). Kathy and I have made this monkey. She also made the fish. You can google Melly & Me and then click on images to see all of their designs, they are darling and so creative.

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  1. Hmmmm.....anything to do with sewing really intimidates me, even sewing on a button is a mystery to me, sad I know. I will look at these sights and see if it is something I could do. Thanks for the quick response sister. Love you much!

  2. Really? Why do I know how to do stuff? Hmmm, I swear mom taught me how to sew button on. hmm, well I'll teach ya little sis.