Mothers Day

4:59 PM

About a month ago I was in Costco getting some medicine for one of my sick kids (I think it was for Max's strep). Anyhow I was standing in line while Henry was behind me in his stroller. He was beginning to get fussy and it was taking forever. As I was talking to the pharmacist I noticed that Henry stopped fussing. I turned around to see a sweet old man in a "scooter" type chair talking to him. Henry was so happy for the attention and smiles he just stared at the man in awe.

I came over and thanked the man so much for talking to Henry. He said that he has 7 children, 51 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren. I told him I could see why he had so many kids because the kids seemed to love him. Then he said the thing I'll never forget and that has made me think of my job as a mother differently. He said (as best as I can remember),

"I love children. I have been a lot of places and I have seen a lot of things in my life but nothing compares to the joy of children. Family is a marvelous thing".

If only he knew how profound that was for me. And I still think of this on especially difficult days.

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  1. It makes me want to cry to see how fast the kids are growing up. Can't they say little a cute forever.

  2. I know. This is the stage where I absolutely fell in love with my Max. Look at that hair.

  3. Such a cute picture of Max! Thanks for this quote. It is so true. BTW, Happy mother's day to you tomorrow. :)