a before & after project of my own

12:42 AM

Finally, we have Internet! Woo-hoo! Now I can post pics of the house and the beginnings of my many DIY /before & after projects.

There are so many in this house, from the 8 - yes - EIGHT!!! 1980's U-G-L-Y ceiling fans to the leaf print counter tops and stark white walls I will be busy for a long time (I am secretly so happy!).

The following is a picture of the linen closet in the hall...the best feature of this linen closet is the bottom drawer, which is actually a laundry shoot. I dare say this was the biggest selling point for Max and Mimi. In fact I found Max trying to go down it the other day, needless to say he got stuck. ;)

(I had already replaced the 2 main door handles, they did look like the ones on the drawers...classy)
view from the hall

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  1. Brookie,
    I love the hall and the painting job. And I love the hardwood floors. It is so fun to see you in a house and it looks so good. Please post more pics. I will call you today or tomorrow!

  2. Love it! Can't wait to see more...you need to have a party at your house during Christmas so we can all come see it! It looks like a darling house...Laura

  3. Thank you! I just painted our kitchen "roasted nutmeg", I'll have to take some before and afters of that as well and post them. :)